Talent management

Case – Talent management


This client, an international advisory & accounting organisation, faced two major concerns: high turnover amongst newly qualified professionals brought about in part by what was seen as poor ‘performance management’ and a lack of empowerment; adhoc investment in support for career development.


We helped develop a set of competencies for the population, met with senior leaders & stakeholders to engage and sell the ideas and subsequently designed, managed and delivered a multi-stage Development Centre programme to complement work being done in other areas. This ran throughout the UK and was designed to ensure participants engaged with strategic and commercial issues as well as their own development.  It included a 360 degree feedback process designed and run by Scott-McGregor, plus team & individual coaching.


The programmes ran for 3-4 years across all Regions in this organisation and were met with uniformly positive acclaim. While direct impact on retention is hard to assess, anecdotal evidence suggests it went a long way towards meeting these aspirations.  Testament to its effectiveness came in comments from alumni who had subsequently been promoted to leadership roles. And as one senior stakeholder said after he had been involved in the programme, ‘I wish I had known some of these things earlier in my own career’.