commit1The real challenge of strategy execution lies in encouraging people to follow-through & deliver on their commitments.

Why don’t things always turn out?

The best conceived plans can falter when stakeholders are not fully engaged, do not see how their role fits into the bigger picture and have different interpretations of what they need to do. It can be more of a challenge in dispersed offices, sites or countries. And human nature is such that is often easier to make a commitment than keep it.

Commit.One thinking

The unique Commit.One approach came into being to meet the needs of complex SAP systems integration projects. It is a structured way to engage stakeholders more closely, making commitments and progress more visible.

At a practical level, it is a highly flexible commitment management system with wide application and backed by a gold-plated history supporting systems implementation. A software version is under development.

Who does it benefit?

Commit.One thinking and approach supports any group or department – or enterprise – needing to drive through important changes that demand rigorous planning plus the engagement of key stakeholders.

What are the benefits?

  • Greater assurance about results.
  • Greater engagement and alignment of all involved.
  • Greater certainty that investments of time and resources are focused on the end results.
  • A flexible system that can adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

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