We have a close working relationship with flitepath, the unique browser-based software solution for global commitment management & sustained business execution.

Reorganisation, post-merger integration and  investments (from new launches to coach-supported change initiatives)  rely for success on stakeholders coordinating & following through on their commitments.

Complex & uncertain situations demand vigilance and plans may need to be amended as results emerge elsewhere; flitepath offers a unique way of thinking about, leading & managing commitments that allows organisations to detect and adjust to changes in real time.

Flitepath offers  assurance,  control – and sustainable results.



Expert coaching drives sustained results for leaders as well as for teams.

For individual leaders, keenly targeted support increases awareness of  strengths as well as the potential obstructions that stand in the way. It helps make even better use of natural resources, finding solutions that build on strengths & address obstacles.

Teams hold additional dynamics making coaching for performance a challenge that can generate even greater rewards, when collective will-power is harnessed & aligned.

In both cases, close personal attention & a focus on solutions make self-sustaining results more likely; evidence shows a very positive return on investment.



Effective facilitation means you get the best from meetings whether the focus is on strategy & operational review, building traction to act on plans, assessing performance & resolving obstructions or training for capability. Facilitation means time is well used, ideas harnessed, involvement maximised & that actions result, making meetings, workshops & conferences more productive.