Improving leadership performance in the public sector

Case – Improving leadership performance in the public sector


Faced with the need to implement severe funding restrictions while simultaneously driving significant restructuring through a new management team, this local authority appointed a team of coaches to work with members of the Corporate Management Team to help them lead & manage the transition.


The coaches worked 1-1 with CMT members and – within clear boundaries – maintained contact and shared the broader results of their work. In this way, the agendas and objectives pursued by the coaches and their leadership clients could be closely aligned to the corporate strategy while at the same time retaining the confidentiality needed to address some of the personal challenges.

The initiative is taking place over a compressed timescale while the organisation is in flux which means that discussions can be more relevant and results put directly into practice.

The results

In the words of one client, the coaching is helping to ensure they take structured time aside from the pressure of the job to reflect on the best ways to engage stakeholders.  The signs are that the coaching is addressing vital issues and enabling senior officers to drive through the policies needed to meet the council’s targets; evidence suggests that the coaching is making a difference, helping the transition to progress more swiftly and effectively.