Reinforcing sales culture amongst leaders in legal services

Case – Reinforcing sales culture amongst leaders in legal services


This client was pursuing an ambitious growth strategy and wished to raise the profile & critical importance of business development and to reinforce the ‘sales culture’ amongst its entire leadership group.


We collaborated in developing and delivering a programme of short, intense workshops for all Partners in offices and Practice Groups.  Designed to maximise impact and minimise time away from client work, the series of workshops were spaced across a 4-6 week period, each covering a discreet aspect of the sales process and linked by targeted activity.

The approach drew together ‘best-in-class’ approaches to sales behaviour and account management which were integrated with the practical experiences of the participants in a fast-paced approach that included practice & coaching.


The reactions were positive throughout and tangible results were achieved especially in offices and departments that were driven by strong leaders with the courage to follow-up and instil their expectations on others.  People reported that the process helped them accelerate progress through the ‘buying cycle’ and that they had won sales as a direct result of having been able to think through their approaches in a structured way.