Our history

Our history

In 2017, Scott-McGregor will celebrate 20 years successful business though the story started in earnest in 1989. This was the year Morley Potter left the successful investment-funded start-up, Challenge Training Ltd, where he had been a founding co-director, completed an MBA at the London Business School and established his first independent consultancy.

With a strong reputation for design, programme management and facilitation – and eschewing fixed overheads wherever possible – he adopted the path of working with highly skilled associates, a strategy that persists to this day.

Common themes over the years have been to design and deliver often innovative solutions to organisational problems, ranging from culture change to team performance and leadership development. Longstanding programmes have received consistently high recognition, strong testament to the success of the approach.  Scott-McGregor’s clients are household names in industry, professional and technical services and the public sector.

Addressing the people factors

Whatever the initial starting position – from business strategy, finance, sales and account management to team and interpersonal dynamics – the intent has been to help bring about strategic change by addressing human interactions and implications. These are the frequently under-invested elements that have a major impact on that ways things happen, on translating strategy into action.

In practice

Scott-McGregor has facilitated strategy retreats, helped improve team performance, mounted leadership conferences, run highly-rated transition initiatives for senior leaders, helped strengthen sales culture, coached Directors and Business Unit leaders, led major investments aimed at retaining and developing key staff, carried out formal research into strategic organisational issues…the list goes on.