Board & dept teams

Board & departmental team performance

While individuals are the building blocks of organisations it is teams – people working collectively – that drive performance at the heart of the system.

Teams are where engagement takes hold; they are the keys that unlock change & extend influence on a far wider scale.  They are also the stage on which individual leaders hone their strengths & through which they maximise their own contribution.

In over 35 years of consulting we have worked with teams from Boards to start-up groups & in many different environments, sharpening focus on performance & developing ways of working that underpin, sustain & maximise output.

Time & again the right levels of investment not only accelerate improvements in team performance but also the development of behaviours that sustain longer-term results.

Context is all important. A team is a living system & its performance is a direct result of the way members interact with each other & of the way the team interacts with other stakeholders – individuals, teams & organisations.

In practice – teams in transition

For maximum organisation impact & return on investment we prefer to work with teams facing transition.  For example they may need to review & improve performance, undertake reorganisation or find themselves having to adapt or take the lead in pre- or post-merger environments.

The most far-reaching improvements stem from taking a systems approach to coaching leadership teams. We refer to this as ‘systemic leadership team coachinglink. It is a cost-contained process that covers just the period of transition, up & until the time team members assume responsibility & it becomes self-sustaining.

Shorter-term we also facilitate link meetings of teams to ensure time is invested well, that the best approaches are being adopted & that all contributions are heard & considered.

If improvement requires team members to develop stronger capabilities in specific areas, we are frequently called on to design approaches to achieve this.

Business case – integrating performance as well as ‘health’

Without a clear business case any investment is likely to fall short of its desired impact. We aim to weave an integrated approach (1) in which we address strategic issues based on an in-depth understanding of business, organisations, team dynamics & interpersonal psychology.

(1) An extensive study by McKinsey has shown that initiatives combining a performance + ‘health’ focus achieve 1.8 times the results of traditional approaches.

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