How we approach consulting

This is our approach; rock solid, nothing fancy…


Agree aims, role & scope with everyone concerned; it makes expectations clear on all sides.

Data gather

Explore how stakeholders view the direction of travel and the many factors that will help or hinder progress.

Review, co-develop and re-contract

Analyse, share views and recommendations and co-develop the next steps. In effect, we re-contract for the actions that follow.


Work alongside teams, stakeholders and influential leaders using a variety of approaches, for example: member of the project management office; coaching leaders and teams; facilitating change, strategic or team workshops; training for capability. All actions are coordinated, whether they are undertaken by internal specialists or ourselves.


Monitor progress against agreed criteria and ensure lessons are learned and actioned.


We aim to be catalysts, employed only so long as out support is needed. We are not the people who will keep things going in future, so we actively work towards withdrawal from the project while ensuring what is left will sustain longer-term progress.

We are frequently re-engaged for follow-up, but that is entirely in the hands of our clients and sponsors.