‘Level 2’ consulting

Scott-McGregor has been described as a ‘Level 2’ consultancy:

  • Level 1 2 3Level 1 consulting is about setting direction. The focus is mainly on strategic analysis. It tends to be the preserve of niche specialists such as McKinsey, Bain etc who have the necessary resources and reputation. There are relatively few high-profile organisations at this level.
  • Level 2 consulting is about translating Level 1 strategies into action. It is about change & transition, the best ways to put strategic plans into practice & achieve long-term results. It is multi-disciplinary, taking into account all aspects and has a special focus on people factors.
  • Level 3 consulting is about developing core skills needed to underpin change & support transformation. It is the preserve of skills-training organisations, technical specialists etc; there are many organisations to choose from at Level 3.

Level 2 consulting needs a multi-discpinary skill-set and the ability to interact across the levels. It is about being a catalyst in the process. Level 2 support helps anticipate and address the challenging, inevitable and often overlooked dynamics of change.

We work at Level 2. We are catalysts in the process of transformation. We help navigate the dynamics of change and deliver smoother and more productive transitions.