Our approach

How we do what we do

Our aim

We aim to help translate ideas, policy, strategy into action more quickly and more smoothly than would be the case if things were left to natural evolution.

We believe the strongest way – one that frequently gets overlooked or simply left to follow along behind – is to address the human factors that help or hinder progress.

The benefits are greater commitment to the goals, fewer costly distractions and all-round swifter progress.  It is all about ‘time value of money’.

How do you increase the odds?

For a start, work with those who have greatest influence on critical projects and who want to make a difference.  Focus on the right area, engage the right people, raise awareness of the issues, build clarity about roles and next steps, build capability where needed…and key, follow through on commitments.

The challenge lies in making what appears a straightforward process happen on the ground. Reality is a lot messier.

Our solutions – framed by our ‘three Es’:

  • Engage – lay the right ground work to ensure buy-in and make what follows clearer and more achievable.
    • Execute – work alongside teams, leaders and those who have influence over what happens. This stage lasts only long enough to ensure desired ways of working start to become embedded and part of ‘the way we do things around here’.
      • Evaluate – monitor progress against agreed commitments and measures…and as importantly, ensure that lessons are learned and applied. Learning to learn (and adapt) also needs to become part of the fabric.