Partner leadership

Case Study – Partner Leadership programme

We run a regular ‘New Partners’ programme for a global advisory & accounting client in various locations around Europe, most recently in Lisbon & Barcelona. It is part of a long-standing series of annual events.

Designed explicitly for this client organisation & for senior professionals moving into equity leadership roles, it has been very well-received to the point that we have been urged to make the programme more widely known. It is suitable for professional services firms & can be readily tailored for different organisations – wherever they are based.

Please view the pdf file to see the outline in more detail.

Global New Partner Leadership programme.

The programme provides quality development opportunity for a ‘mission-critical’ group & offers considerable value for the investment involved.

It is one example of an executive education event carefully tailored to the needs of a distinct target group of leaders; we would be very happy to talk about it in more detail.

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