Projects & research

Projects & research

From time to time we get involved in discreet projects that are directly related to our mainstream work.  We offer links or outlines to them here.

Research – Business Partnering in legal services

We were asked to carry out sponsored research into business partnering (internal client service) amongst ‘magic’ and ‘silver’ circle law firms in London.  The results not only highlighted key differentiators of excellent service but also illustrated the differences in criteria used to judge effectiveness between senior leaders and members of the HR community.
You can read more about the research here link.
The results were later presented to 40 members of HR in Law during a Spotlight session hosted by Macfarlanes on 14 June 2012.

Project – Team Performance

Based on meta research of the non-technical aspects of team performance that positively impact results, we have developed a comprehensive survey tool. You will find more about the Team Performance Survey here link.