Team Performance Project

Teams make things happen.  Teams enable leaders to extend their influence. Teams are the way strategy is translated to the front line. They are key to engagement, transition & transformation.

Much has been written and researched about teams and performance – what is new? At least two things we believe:

  • Team together/ team apart.  Much research and activity has been devoted to the team ‘together’ – on internal dynamics and this has given us rules of thumb that stand the test of time. In contrast, there has been less focus on the team ‘apart’, on the way teams & their members interact with external groups – customers, clients, suppliers, other departments. Yet these are the areas where performance finds traction.
  • Hard evidence. Fewer efforts have been made to measure the link between characteristics of high performing teams & actual achievement.

The Team Perfromance Survey aims to address these.

Team Performance Survey

Please feel free to use the Team Performance Survey with your measurable-results-orientated teams.

It is based on research drawn from eminent sources many of which have already been proved to have strong links to high-team-performance. You will find an outline summary of the basis of the Team Survey in the paper here:

Outline of the Team Performance Survey.

What do you need to do to use the Team Survey?

  • Notify us that you would like to use the surveylink (we will have an on-line form for this shortly).
  • Supply a few details about you, your organisation & the team involved.  In terms of the team we will need email addresses for: team members;  team’s stakeholders (approx 4 people who represent groups that are influenced by the outputs of the team & who will have a view about the team’s performance); a contact person. (again we plan to have an on-line form for this shortly).
  • We will contact each person with access information for the on-line survey.
  • Contact the team & stakeholders & encourage them to log in & complete the  survey.
  • Once we have received responses from a minimum of 75% of the two sets of nominees we will process the results & send a pdf summary to the nominated contact.
  • Review the contents with the team & act on the results.

That’s it!

Comments & feedback

We welcome any feedback you may have.