Improving leadership and organisation performance

At Scott-McGregor we work with ambitious teams and leaders who want to translate ideas into action swiftly and effectively.

We are specialists in improving interactions: people with people, teams with teams, organisations with organisations. The essence of strategy implementation.

In our experience, those who anticipate and address interactions are more likely to play to strengths, gain added momentum and avoid costly resistance.

We have considerable experience in collaborating to develop joined-up solutions, solutions that integrate business as well as behaviour, and acting as catalysts in their delivery.

We focus on improvements in three areas, the ‘big 3’ – clear Mission and Vision; establishing the right Culture and Mind-set; strengthening Leadership, Influence and Capability – and our approach has three parts:

  • Engage – working closely with all involved to lay out plans, ground rules and measures.
    • Execute – partnering with teams and individuals during transition and until fresh ways of working start to take root.
      • Evaluate – promoting self-sustaining results by ensuring progress is measured and lessons learned.

What drives us? Simple. A genuine and lasting fascination with the way organisations work and how leaders and teams best interact to meet challenges; what really makes them tick.