turning ideas into results

we help leaders turn strategies and ideas into results

Scott-McGregor works with smart organisations, anywhere success depends on technical and professional expertise.

We help bring about the changes they want, swiftly and effectively.

Success depends on finding new solutions to old problems. And it depends on what happens in practice,  how well leaders and teams turn ideas into action.

This is where we concentrate our expertise.

As a catalyst, we offer a combination of experience, objectivity and practical ideas at times when resources are needed, internal specialists are stretched and time is tight.

As an independent specialist, we are less constrained by internal pressures; we can make observations, ask questions and offer the right levels of support.

In practice, our work consists of unique packages of support that can include advice, informed facilitation, individual engagement and tailored executive education.

together we work to…

…clarify strategy and address the behavioural implications of business decisions – what it takes to make things happen

…tackle the power of culture and beliefs, how these impact progress, decision making and interactions

…encourage effective collaboration and increased agility by engaging and interacting with the right people in the right way

…equip leadership with the skills and attitude they need to influence the future

Scott-McGregor pulls together over 40 years of business experience, working on challenges facing the most senior leadership in the largest organisations. Our reputation rests on bringing fresh ideas, quality execution and strong, longstanding client relationships.

how we do it...

Transition Labs

Tackling critical factors that impact the changes you need with the people directly involved


Providing Strategic Support for key executives & teams


Developing the skills that support success