change and strategic support

Change and Strategic Support

‘Transition Labs’ are about harnessing collective energies. This is important, but it is not enough. Strong leadership is needed to navigate the path from ideas to results.

We support leaders and organisations as they put plans into operation.

However capable an organisation’s resources, it often benefits from experienced and neutral specialists who can work alongside over the period of transition itself.

An external specialist can ask questions and address issues that might be sensitive or politically risky for someone more closely involved.

It speeds the process and makes it significantly more productive.

Strategic Support brings together all aspects of our work and knowhow. Depending on the needs we will: discuss and co-develop ways forward; conduct research and surveys; consult; facilitate; coach; educate.

Strategic Support for Executives

leaderOn many occasions senior leadership wants direct, personal support as they explore and implement strategic plans. An objective sounding board – ready to challenge where necessary – helps clarify thinking and offers reassurance as well as fresh ideas.

We provide this through focussed 1-1 engagements. These are tailored to needs and interests and range from ‘traditional’ Leadership Coaching to a hybrid approach link combining coaching with executive education. In effect equivalent to a personal tutorial programme.

Stategic Support for Teams

teams Teams are the vital link. Teams harness collective energy; they make decisions happen.

We have considerable experience supporting executive teams as they weigh-up performance and adapt to changing circumstances. An experienced consultant helps make the process more effective and the discussions more courageous. Resulting commitments have deeper roots. Follow-through – the critical component – is more assured.

We adopt a ‘systems’ approach (approach – leadership team coaching link), a penetrating yet non-judgemental way of working that builds trust yet more quickly.

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Strategic Support for key executives & teams

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