leadership and development


Strong leadership…

…right for the times and fit for the situation.

Leadership thinking continues to evolve but it is not keeping pace with the increased complexity of working life.

This is why we don’t promote a specific way of thinking about leadership (though we naturally have views drawn from experience and research).  Instead, we ask a question – ‘what is the right leadership approach for this situation?’. It ensures a healthy discussion to which which we add thoughts and reflections based on our experience and knowledge.

As an example, there are two evolving approaches that are relevant to today’s climate and prevailing structures within organisations.  We help talented people explore:

  • Leadership as the ability to ‘influence without formal authority’. ‘Command and control’ is not effective when faced with increasingly blurred reporting lines and the demand for greater engagement throughout the organisation. It calls for a subtle and extended set of skills.
  • Leadership for complexity link. As the working climate becomes increasingly complex, it makes sense to look to complexity science to inform the debate. We find that the ideas behind Complex Adaptive Leadership trigger fresh insights about active ways to deal with the increased demands of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous working environment.


Talented people

We also offer practical support for talented people to equip them with the skills they need.  As a complement to an organisation’s strategic goals, we have successfully assisted in areas such as Business Development, Client Relationship Management, Strategy and Consulting and Transition to Senior Leadership.



Developing the skills that support success

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