transition labs

Transition Labs

You want to translate ideas into action as quickly and productively as possible…and you need people to make this happen.

Real progress needs all important factors on the table…the potentially thorny challenges as well as the positives.

Our ‘transition labs’ get people together to explore the factors that impact the changes you want. We aim to get these positive and challenging forces out in the open and foster the courage to hold demanding conversations about the implications. An honest conversation is an important first step.

Solutions frequently come down to the ‘big three’. The need for: a clear mission that is understood and bought into by all; strong leadership committed to driving it through; the right culture, mindset and beliefs that underpin what you do and how you do it.

Culture is critical

We believe culture is critical. As Drucker said, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, and we aim to address this head-on. We use many different approaches, including those drawn from our ‘Zeta principles’ link, to highlight the way things are now, the ways they need to be and how to make these changes.

Ultimately ‘nothing changes unless behaviour changes’, so we aim to generate and (re)affirm not only the ground-rules but also what has to be done to bring the change about.

In practice

In practice, this means investing in a minimum half-day workshop and often one day plus.

We aim for commitment, getting things to happen on the ground for long enough that fresh practices become part of the ‘way we do things’. It is unlikely to happen over the short period of a workshop which is why ‘Transition Labs’ tend to be part of longer ‘field and forum’ programmes.

Case studies

These case notes show how things might look like in practice. They are drawn from recent assignments:

> case – the global MNC link

> article – exec team from a business area link

> article – coaching at the top link

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Transition Labs

Tackling critical factors that impact the changes you need with the people directly involved

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